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JSuber with his 20 years of experience provides consulting services to businesses from small to large size business.
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The primary role of a Publishing Consultant is to work with new authors and explain how JSuber...
Jamar transitioned from pagers and cellular phones to computers by starting Wisdom Computer Corporation (WCC)....
The transparent dialog of a man is a true testament to the core of his...
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These are all words that come to mind when you think of Jamar R. Suber. Jamar’s intrinsic diversity allows him to reach audiences of all backgrounds with a motivational message of hope.

His entrepreneurial pursuit makes his story an example to follow.

His sincere desire to see individuals succeed and achieve their goals and dreams is his driving force.

At sixteen years of age, Jamar started his own pager business through which customers purchased pagers and air time. He understood the need for advertising, so he took the initiative to produce his own flyers and distributed them throughout the city. As the business grew, he soon opened up his own store selling not only pagers, but cellular phones as well. Concurrently, Jamar ran a local convenience store and assisted in promoting events around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jamar transitioned from pagers and cellular phones to computers by starting Wisdom Computer Corporation (WCC). Through WCC, he sold and repaired computers, provided internet services, and offered web design services. As he cultivated his business, Jamar grew to appreciate the intricacies of business. He understood that in order to be truly successful, he needed to make the right connections and endure adversity.

Jamar is the former President of the Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation. He is a member of the Service Corporation of Retired Executives where he helps teach how to develop and run businesses. He is a member of Magazine Publishers of America. As a licensed minister, Jamar serves as the 3rd Administrative Assistant of Restoration Oasis Ministries International (ROMI), which is a spiritual covering for ministries worldwide. He is also a member of Potters House Fellowship Alliance (PFA).

Through his numerous associations and varied personal entrepreneurial experiences, Jamar loves to share his story with others. He enjoys dialoging about his struggles and accomplishments with other burgeoning entrepreneurs to encourage them to greatness. He believes that he can provide the information to motivate people to step past the fear of the unknown into the success of working their passion.

Jamar is passionate about getting this message out. He has developed a “Food for Thought” series, reaching out to entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to ask questions in small group settings. This gives the audience a forum to network with other like-minded individuals who understand the process.

Jamar is the Founder of the Suber Media Group which houses 3V Magazine, a nationally distributed men’s publication. The 3V brand is a comprehensive collection of resources directly related to the daily spiritual walk of Christian men, offering key insight concerning today’s issues. In all, 3V covers the total man: mind, body, and soul. Other ventures include the highly anticipated Daughter Magazine and 3V Magazine “The Show”.

  • How do I get started working with you?

    I am really excited that you are taking the first step to building a successful business and living an awesome life by creating authentic success. I am delighted to work with you on achieving your goals and living your dreams.

    To get started with building your stellar brand, growing your amazing business, becoming an effective leader and living a fulfilled life, here is where it all begins.

    When you are READY to make a decision to TAKE ACTION, release your awesome, stop trying to be a lone ranger and create a bold strategy that will take your personal and professional life to higher levels, let me partner with you!

    I want to show you exactly how to confidently, authentically and without apology release your awesome and create an amazing life you love, on your own terms, that brings you joy, peace and personal success.

  • If I am in another city, state or country, how will we work together?

    With the use of technology, I consult with businesses anywhere in the world. I have had women from as far as Africa to participate in many of my offerings.

    I leverage the of use phone, video and email to leverage my coaching accessibility, world wide.

  • What type of individual would NOT see the value in working with you?

    Someone who has all the answers.
    Someone who has an “I can do it by myself” mindset.
    Someone who is not open to receiving guidance from someone with two decades of experience.

  • Why would I benefit from working with you?
    Many losses and several wins. I have learned the traps, pit holes and potholes very early in business. You benefit from someone who learned he proper way to build a solid structure and foundation.
    Received lots of experience with dealing with businesses of different ethnicities and socio-economic groups.
  • What influenced you to create business programs to help businesses and individuals?
    I realized early on that many people have vision/business ideas, but lack structure. First learned personally at age 16, you can have the best business idea, but if you don’t have proper planning and strategic execution you’re spinning your wheels.
    The youngest African-American SCORE member in Allegheny county PA.
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      Bishop Ronald Roston | End Times Ministry, Author | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania